Frank Klunhaar
© Frank Klunhaar 2018


The Battle of my Lonely Guitar

Rough version 1979



Demo 1980

American Gypsy

We are the Winners 1977

Peaches & Herb

When the Lights go out 1982

Rocq-E Harrell

Sweet Surrender Demo 1990

Friends, songs and productions

The Houseband

Dancing Shoes 1976

The Affair

Unbeatable 1986

David Basho Ochestra

Gotta Be Dancin’’ 1978


Rescue Me

Demo 1980

Forrest-She’s So Free 1986
Ferdy Lancee-Rock And Roll Heart 1976
Jimmy (Jimi) Bellmartin-Movie Star
Jerry Hollander-Cindy
Rockaway Boulevard-Love Experience
Tony Sherman-When The Light Goes Out

Jimi Bellmartin-The Voice Senior Blind Auditions 2018

Old Mates From The Jimmy Bellmartin Band 2014


Jimi Bellmartin, Frans Meijer, Frank Klunhaar