Frank Klunhaar
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The Battle of my Lonely Guitar

Rough version 1979



Demo 1980

American Gypsy

We are the Winners 1977

Peaches & Herb

When the Lights go out 1982

Rocq-E Harrell

Sweet Surrender Demo 1990

Friends, songs and productions

The Houseband

Dancing Shoes 1976

The Affair

Unbeatable 1986

David Basho Ochestra

Gotta Be Dancin’’ 1978


Rescue Me

Demo 1980

Forrest-She’s So Free 1986
Ferdy Lancee-Rock And Roll Heart 1976
Rockaway Boulevard-Love Experience
Tony Sherman-When The Light Goes Out

Jimi Bellmartin-The Voice Senior Blind Auditions 2018

Old Mates From The Jimmy Bellmartin Band 2014

Jimi Bellmartin, Frans Meijer, Frank Klunhaar

The Jimmy (Jimi) Bellmartin Band Casino Den Bosch 1972
Jimi Bellmartin Winnaar The Voice Senior!