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David Basho

The Groove Doctor Albums

David Basho is the musical alter ego of Frank Klunhaar, a well known record producer and music industry veteran from the Netherlands. Frank's track record displays a multi disciplined international career in the music, entertainment and broadcast industry that includes award winning productions and successful assignments as general manager and editor in chief of internationally acclaimed companies such as EMI and VARA. The David Basho project represents the synergy between influences from his musical roots and grooves from the last decades and is best described as a cross between funk, downtempo and smooth jazz with a vintage touch. The most popular David Basho album was called  "The Groove Doctor” from 2008 and several other albums were released between 2006 and 2014 such as “Pop that Jazz! “ and “Feelin’ Groovy”. This new compilation album contains the most popular tracks from these releases with influences of great artists such as the Meters, the JB's, Curtis Mayfield, MFSB, Wes Montgomery, Deodato and El Chicano.